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Our Influencer Marketing team connects the dots between your brand and relevant influencers to create impactful messaging for your target demographic. Our team has an extensive network of trusted macro and micro influencers, with whom we have genuine relationships. We ensure each influencer is pre-screened to meet brand goals and objectives working with them on a compelling content to be shared through various social-mediums. Our Influencer Marketing team ensures reach, engagement, and the growth leading to wider brand exposure. Our capabilities include influencer generated content creation, influencer marketing services, social amplification, media partnership and much more.
  • Targeted influencer strategy 

  • Macro & Micro Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing Events & Takeovers

  • Custom Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Paid & Organic Partnerships

  • Negotiating Contracts & Image Usage Rights

  • Strategic Product Seeding, Shipping & Tracking

  • Adherence to FTC Regulations

  • Revenue-Share Programs

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